QUICK LOVE NOTE: January 2019 is the final time I’m offering this program.

Enrollment closes 15 January; but once you enroll, you have lifetime access to course content.

You cannot manifest with ease if you're building your life on a foundation of goals without soul.

Because you're not actually chasing goals, wild one. You never were.

You're manifesting a feeling.

And once you feel it, anything is possible. Anything.

That's where the magic happens. 

You can begin manifesting with ease and power when you discover your unique Core Desired Feelings. Once you do, you no longer spin your wheels in an endless pursuit of achievement, external validation, and the next great destination. Your entire life can feel the way you once wanted a destination to feel.  

Your manifesting magic now begins by asking: "Will this make me feel the way I want to feel?" It's that simple and that profound. 

Creating soulful goals from a place of authentic power magnetizes your wildest desires straight to you. 

As a licensed Desire Map Coach, I've lead women (and a few brave men) through this groundbreaking process for years now. I've seen this framework change lives again and again. I've seen how masterfully it invites you to deconstruct what no longer serves you. It brings profound clarity to how you want to feel. In your soul. At your core.

This framework radically changed my life and if you're ready, it can do the same for you. If you're curious about my Desire Map journey, and how it led to a solo adventure around the world, you can read about it here.

I’ve never worked with a more talented and intuitive facilitator. The experience was profound. Gail knows how to take just what you need to learn from your head, place it in your heart, and then imprint it into your cells. If you are ready to be pushed, challenged, and up-leveled to your big, bright life, Gail is your person.
— Allison Walsh, Founder of The Wildflower Uprising

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Your Time

  • Lifetime access to the program

  • 9 online sessions

  • 21 days to complete in realtime

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Your Program

  • 16 worksheets

  • 9 discussion boards

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  • BONUS: 28 page Free + Clear workbook, a primer to set you up for success!

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My life is forever changed because of Gail’s coaching. I now give myself permission to follow my desires unapologetically. I love Gail’s style. She just knows how to strike a chord with people and she left me transformed. I plan to revisit my core desired feelings regularly and allow everything I do from this point on to be designed with these in mind.
— Amy Trebella, Owner of Bozeman Retreats

Gail is full of so much love. She’s changed my life in the way she shines her light and shares her unique brand of magic. Gail’s attention, energy, and amazing questions helped me to discover answers I couldn’t access on my own. We need more women like Gail who are willing to connect deeply. If you ever have a chance to work with her, do!
— Angie Andrews, Founder of Angie Andrews Inspires

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Clarity: Your Unique Core Desired Feelings.

You will discover your unique Core Desired Feelings. You will also learn how to practically integrate them into your daily life. As The Desire Map author Danielle LaPorte says, "Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have."

Permission: Goodbye, Guilt.

If you're not yet living a life you love, a life you created on your own terms, then something is holding you back. You will feel fully empowered to give your dreams permission to manifest. Without guilt. Without shame. Without apology.

Freedom: Hello, Liberation.

You will finally feel aligned, centered, and in pure flow. Your Core Desired Feelings guide you to say yes, to say no, to create the life you want to live. Liberation is yours for the taking.

I felt such a personal connection to her because she relates to my feelings of being overworked, tired, and missing my spark! She stirred something inside of me and I felt more alive than I had in a long time. Gail’s facilitation style is phenomenal, so unique and powerful. She uses the right amount of probing questions and tough love.
— Arianne Prina King