Welcome, wild one!

Our interactions during The 5 Day Challenge to Trust Your Inner Voice really inspired me! So much so that I've redesigned my existing Desire Map e-course specifically for you and for other challenge participants. 

I've added 4 live, group coaching calls to the program (and the original program price didn't go up!). We'll use Zoom video conferencing for our calls this time. No more Facebook Live. We're upgrading to a private virtual space so we can focus and customize the content for you.

Because here's the truth: Our 5 day challenge only scratched the surface of what's possible. I know you realize that. So if you're craving more - more depth, more time, more community - you're in the right place.

You're in the right place if you're ready to feel aligned with the full power of your inner voice. If you want to finally manifest and create with ease. If you want to be crystal clear on how you want to feel, in all areas of your busy life!

I mean, who wouldn't? That's why you're invited to this exclusive Desire Map group coaching program.

The Desire Map framework expands seamlessly from where the 5 day challenge left off.

In this new ALIGN program you explore not only the Essence + Spirituality Desire Map category (i.e. more work with your inner voice), but you'll also get real about what's working and what's not...how you want to feel...and what you want to create in your life when it comes to:

  • Livelihood + Lifestyle
  • Body + Wellness
  • Creativity + Learning
  • Relationships + Society

Your Program Logistics

Your Time

  • 4x 60-min coaching calls
  • 9 online, content-rich modules
  • 21-ish days to complete in realtime
  • Easy access to secure member site

Your Program

  • 4 live, group coaching sessions (+ replays)
  • Physical copy of Desire Map Workbook (real mail!)
  • 9 discussion boards
  • 16 worksheets

Your Community

  • Small group coaching sessions (Zoom video)
  • Discussion boards in our membership site
  • The Wild Women Collective FB group
  • Alumni network of women doing this work

Your Program Outcomes

Clarity: Your Unique Core Desired Feelings.

You examine 5 different lifestyle categories to discover your unique Core Desired Feelings (CDFs). You will also learn how to practically integrate CDFs into your daily life. As The Desire Map author Danielle LaPorte says, "Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have."

Permission: Goodbye, Guilt.

If you're not yet living a life you love, a life you created on your own terms, then something is holding you back. We break it down together and blast through your blocks. You will feel fully empowered to give your dreams permission to manifest. Without guilt. Without shame. Without apology.

Freedom: Hello, Liberation.

Saying yes to your Core Desired Feelings allows you to live with your inner voice on speed dial. You will finally feel aligned, centered, and in pure flow. Your CDFs team up with your intuition and effortlessly guide you to say yes, to say no, to create the life you want to live. Liberation is yours for the taking.

This is a Limited Time Offer

To keep the momentum going from our successful 5 day challenge, registration for ALIGN closes at midnight on Wednesday, 02 May. To keep building our supportive sisterhood, and to allow for a highly-personalized coaching experience, the program is small and spots are also limited. 

If you're craving even more connection and want to take your work to the next level, don't wait!


I can't resist throwing extra love in the mix. So how about lifetime access to an e-course version of all the 5 day challenge content, activities, daily wins, and training video replays? You can easily return to it again and again whenever you need a boost. 

I'm in the process of designing that new e-course right now and it's all yours, completely FREE, when you enroll in the ALIGN program.

And in case you missed this nugget above, the ALIGN program includes a physical copy of The Desire Map Workbook. Cheers to real mail!

What are other wild women saying about Desire Map Coaching?

I’ve never worked with a more talented and intuitive facilitator. The experience was profound. Gail knows how to take just what you need to learn from your head, place it in your heart, and then imprint it into your cells. If you are ready to be pushed, challenged, and up-leveled to your big, bright life, Gail is your person.
— Allison Walsh, Founder of The Wildflower Uprising
My life is forever changed because of Gail’s coaching. I now give myself permission to follow my desires unapologetically. I love Gail’s style. She just knows how to strike a chord with people and she left me transformed. I plan to revisit my core desired feelings regularly and allow everything I do from this point on to be designed with these in mind.
— Amy Trebella, Owner of Bozeman Retreats
Gail is full of so much love. She’s changed my life in the way she shines her light and shares her unique brand of magic. Gail’s attention, energy, and amazing questions helped me to discover answers I couldn’t access on my own. We need more women like Gail who are willing to connect deeply. If you ever have a chance to work with her, do!
— Angie Andrews, Founder of Angie Andrews Inspires
I felt such a personal connection to her because she relates to my feelings of being overworked, tired, and missing my spark! She stirred something inside of me and I felt more alive than I had in a long time. Gail’s facilitation style is phenomenal, so unique and powerful. She uses the right amount of probing questions and tough love.
— Arianne Prina King