Shapeshifting in the Chaos: Aligned is the New Grounded

I just left a Red Tent experience where my girlfriends and I did our best to sort out the prevailing energies. We've all been feeling adrift for a while and the collective malais has gone far beyond coincidence at this point. After the death and loss and ceaseless shedding of 2016, a painful universal 9 year, we were all ready for the fiery energy of a universal 1 year.

But here we are at the end of May.

Looking around. Looking at each other. Looking behind and up ahead. Seeing if we can catch a glimpse of The Thing That Will Come And Kick It Off. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Don't get me wrong, these powerhouse women are not sitting idle as life whizzes past. It's more of an unsettled metaphysical undercurrent, a sense that we can never catch up...let alone get ahead and burn through this year with gusto.

As these gorgeously fluid and feminine Red Tent conversations go, we weaved and weaved and ebbed and flowed until it was clear: We aren't going to feel grounded.

We do a disservice to our potential if we continue to strive to be grounded.

Grounded. Solid. Under control. We need to release the whole concept. This is blasphemous in new age circles, this renunciation of "being grounded" ...but fuck it. "Grounded" has, at least for our next 18 months on the Leo/Aquarius axis, run its course.

So what are we left with?  

I believe we're left with everything.

We're left with the opportunity to shapeshift and align and become whatever we need to become. Right now. And then in the next moment. And then in the next.

This quantum upleveling of divine feminine energy we're in the midst of won't be grounded. It won't be contained in a single element at all. 

We must be grounded earth when we need to be, sure. We must then become weightless and esoteric as air when circumstances call for it. We are as deep and as fluid as water. We will rage and illuminate with flames in a moment's notice.

We are all of it. We have to be.

This is our new normal, this energy we're mistakenly calling chaos. 

It's not chaos.

It's feminine.

And it's rising. 

Trust yourself. Know that you can navigate this.

And above all else...stay wild,