Tap Into a Creative Flow of Cosmic Proportions

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A Creative Flow


I read tarot for the first time in 2003, while traveling through Tuscany with my girlfriends. While the memory is distant, I do recall a lot of excitement, a lot of “that’s creepy accurate,” and a lot of Swords. When the four of us returned home to the states we committed to monthly gatherings. We ate delicious food, watched sexy Italian films, caught up on the latest relationship drama, and read tarot cards. Sometimes we cast runes, sometimes we played with oracle cards, but most often we worked with the tarot. We sustained this monthly ritual for years to come.

I didn’t realize this at the time, but our gathering, our rhythm, our monthly divination circle, it was all sacred work.

We were tapping into something ancient. We were honing our intuition. We were creating.

Our most important creation was first and foremost ourselves. To create yourself and your life as you want to live it is not “selfish” as society would have you believe. It’s holy. It’s necessary. Its time has come. This creation takes a great deal of courage. It also takes a deeply-developed and finely-tuned intuition.

Using an intuitive tarot journal synced with lunar phases is one of the quickest - and juiciest - ways to develop your intuition and tap into a creative flow of cosmic proportions.

What do I mean by that? Let’s focus on four primary lunar phases: Dark, Waxing, Full, and Waning. Each phase has its own energy, its own vibe, its own attitude. Though we are disconnected in our modern world, humans are actually quite sensitive to the cycles of the moon. Our own emotions, physical energy, and creativity are all influenced by what phase the moon is in.

If you want your creative flow to feel…well, flowly…align your work, your journal inquiries, your creative projects, your I’m Over It Nap Time with the current lunar phase.

Tarot cards, or even simple oracle cards, are simply a tool to access a deep knowing that you already possess. Your intuition switches gears into hyperdrive when she sees the images on the cards. Truths you haven’t been able to consciously access, beliefs you’ve buried, stories that only come to life when you have an image on which to place your knowing.

Combine tarot cards and journaling aligned to lunar phases? BOOM. You’ve found your creative flow of cosmic proportions.

If this journaling practice interests you, I’ve created two specific resources to help you develop (or rather re-wild) you intuitive powers: the Manifest with the Moon e-course and the Lunar Divination e-book. For now, let’s get you started with a quick series of prompts:

Dark Moon:

What does stillness want to teach me?

Waxing Moon:

What resources are available to help me create right now?

Full Moon:

What am I grateful for?

Waning Moon:

What needs to be released in order to progress?

At each new phase* of the moon, pull out your journal and your tarot / oracle card deck.

Shuffle your deck while keeping the question in mind.

Pull a card and let yourself explore it. Don’t start googling (yet).

Study the images and colors on the card.

How does it make you feel?

How does it relate to the question at hand?

* You can track which phase the moon is in on the Deluxe Moon website.

You are invited.

I created The Wild Women Collective to help women reclaim who they were before the world told them who they should be. I create sacred spaces where you can remember. Your heart knows how to talk to the dark moon. Your cells know how to live in harmony with the seasons. She's waiting for you to reclaim your wild self.

If you would like to deep dive into this cosmically creative flow, you’re invited to join the Collective! Use the buttons below, or click here to join our FREE Facebook Community.

Happy journalling and above all else, stay wild!