The Soul Limber Conversations

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Soul Limber

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In preparation for the Desire Map process, on the path toward discovering each client's unique Core Desired Feelings, we sort through a series of Soul Limber questions. We also use these reflective questions whenever the process feels stuck or overwhelming.

Stir it up. Shake it out. Surprise yourself. Then get back to the juicy work of it all.

I realized recently that I want to extend the Soul Limber conversation beyond my clients alone. We can all benefit from reflecting, articulating, being witnessed, and witnessing the articulations of others. 

I plan to work my way through the Soul Limber questions as a series of individual blog posts. It won't be polished, professional, or sales pitchy. It's just me having a chat with you. I hope you'll participate. I hope you'll chime in. I hope you'll spread the love and pose a Soul Limber question to your next brunch date. You get the idea. 

Click here for an archive of Soul Limber posts. It's never too late to jump into the conversation.

Stay wild, 

photo by Kindra Nikole