To those who know me from A Series of Adventures

For the past two years I've built my digital home at A Series of Adventures. On a single platform I combined my solo travels around the world with my Desire Map coaching business (and my admittedly irregular blogging habits).

But over time something began to happen.

My travels felt more and more like a walkabout, a vision quest, a proving ground of some sort. 

I realized that the work I was doing on myself was in fact the work I'm meant to do in the world. And that work needed its own home.

That work needed Moon Child, Stay Wild. 


The birth of this new Moon Child, Stay Wild website + brand is less about taking on a new identity, and more about finally letting myself out to play. Letting the woo woo flag fly high, as it were. Feeling safe and seen and valued as my fully authentic self has been a hard-won battle. In fact, it's a battle still being fought by all women every day. Including me. 

Time (and blood and sweat and tears and a lot of plane tickets) has taught me that my calling truly boils down to holding space for women to call their power back. It's all about igniting our intuition, awakening sacred feminine wisdom that's been repressed and violated over centuries, and celebrating as we reclaim our wild selves.

Traveling solo to all corners of the earth has taught me with crystal clarity that when we as women tune in, turn on, and rise up...we are unstoppable forces of nature.

As author Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes, "If you have yet to be called an incorrigible, defiant woman...don't worry. There's still time."

There's still time, babe. It's never too late to call your power back. You're here now and that's no accident. 

Welcome home.

Stay wild, 

P.S.  Speaking of my A Series of Adventures website, after a complete (and completely gorgeous) will be all travel all the time. Photography and writing and (mis)adventure. Moon Child, Stay Wild is the home for all of your Desire Map coaching + ecourses.