Imbolc: Welcome the Light

Before men created calendars that arbitrarily split up the seasons, before we left the countryside in favor of cities, before the industrial revolution had us work inside all day and keep artificial lights on at night...before all this...we knew when the seasons changed.

We knew when the moon was dark and when she was full. We knew what that meant for the plants and animals around us, for our emotional state.

In the northern hemisphere, today is the first day of spring, known as Imbolc. Your town may be covered in 8 feet of snow and so you’re tempted to dismiss this, but understand it metaphysically.


tend to your fires

The light is returning. The days are getting longer. We’ve made it through the thickest, darkest, longest nights of the winter.

Among other traditions, Imbolc is celebrated with candles, candles, and more candles. It’s a day for fire. It’s a day for coaxing your soul out of hibernation. It’s a day for opening the windows, clearing the clutter, and letting the candles you light burn off any residual sleepiness in your psyche.

We’re moving from the internal crone energy of winter into the external maiden energy of spring. Look alive, wild ones. Nature is changing and she wants you to join her.

Where do you need more light and fire in your life right now?

Stay wild,