Transform Your Life With One Question

In my interview on Life Interrupted Radio, host Sharon Sayler and I discuss how pain is actually a divine treasure map that points to our greatest transformation opportunities. We also talk about my Hashimoto's diagnosis inspiring me to travel the world. I was later featured on Sharon's "Best of" show, all about thriving with autoimmunity! 

Listen to the full interview here  (+ listen to the "Best of..." show)

My Adventures with The Goddess

In my interview on Goddess Alive Radio (now Seeking Bliss Radio), host Kimberly Moore and I discuss Hashimoto's, adventure as a tool for healing, my upcoming travel plans, how Core Desired Feelings revolutionize goal setting, lunar cycles and crystals, and why living off-grid in Latvia changed my life. 

Listen to the full interview here

Wise Words interview with Wild & Wise Women

Easily one of my favorite Q&A articles. Here's a snippet of one of my responses: "I didn’t think I was worth anything if I slowed down. I defined my worth by my achievements. This masked a deep belief that I was, at my core, not worthy. Once I realized that belief was just a story, and a bullshit one at that, I flipped it."

Read the full article here

Featured Lightworker on Lightworker Nation

In an article on Lightworker Nation I share the 6-steps necessary to let our light shine. Hint: We have to breakdown to breakthrough.

Read "Awaken: Giving Permission To Your Light" here