What if you could start every day with a sense of ease and alignment?

Imagine how that blissed out energy would carry throughout your busy day. 

This FREE course (yes, free!) is a collaboration with my fellow magic makers from the Seeking Bliss Everyday community. We give you a sneak peek into our morning rituals by offering seven simple practices to inspire your own blissful ritual. You can replicate them exactly or feel free to make these practices your own.

Rise and shine, love. 

Wake Up! Course Outline

Welcome:  A Morning Bliss Playlist

Practice #1:  Waking the Gods and Morning Prayer with Kimberly F. Moore

Practice #2:  Morning Intuition and Divination with yours truly, Gail Jessen (in other words, a quick + simple tarot practice)

Practice #3:  Peacocks and Poses with Mary Petiet

Practice #4:  Morning Wake Up Yoga Sequence with Kimi Marin

Practice #5:  Morning Self Care with Brandi Auset

Practice #6:  The Hour of Self Love with Renee Starr

Practice #7:  Crystal Grids Morning Meditation with Sara Monserrat Teixido

Always available to you:  Lifetime access to all course materials + discussion boards

Course Structure

7 practices. One practice delivered to your inbox every day. In-course discussion boards.

Enrollment Details

Open enrollment. Self-guided course. Lifetime access.

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No charge. All love.