Your dreams are wild. Your goals are big. You're creating magic and transforming the very structures of your life. 

This soulful work deserves one-on-one attention. 

I only work with a handful of private clients at a time. As my premium offering, the pricing for Radical Alchemy coaching is also premium. Why wouldn't I want to fill as many spots as I can, you ask? Because I like to dig deep, spend concentrated time, and tailor the specific experiences needed to reach the next evolution of you. I know you're focused on your goals, and when you work one-on-one with me, I am too. 

Radical Alchemy Coaching Curriculum

The Radical Alchemy coaching pedagogy is based primarily, but not exclusively, on Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions. As a licensed Desire Map and Fire Starter coach I've been leading women through this groundbreaking process for years now. I've watched it change lives again and again. Including my own.

The benefit of private coaching is that our work is interdisciplinary. For 15 years, prior to running my own business, I worked as a curriculum designer and consultant in higher education. Over those years and since, I dove head first into adult learning theory, personal development literature, diverse spiritual traditions, divination tools like tarot and runes, Buddhist meditation, astrology, stone medicine, chakra healing, goddess archetypes, and so much more.

It's all yours. 

As my private client, every tool I have, every training and certification I've completed, every resource I can rally to your support, I will. It's all yours. While our virtual sessions are structured and focused, they are also flexible and customized to what you need most at the time.  

Work With Me

Alchemy is about more than turning base metals into gold. Alchemy is about transmutation. It's pure creation.

Radical Alchemy Coaching focuses on deconstructing and reconstructing your underlying beliefs, patterns, behaviors, and anything else holding you back from brilliance. I know you have the power to quite literally change form and alter the structures of your life. You'll soon know it too. 

Private Clients Receive

  • 3 months of private coaching, totaling 12 x 60-minute sessions
  • An MP3 file of each coaching session
  • Priority responses to your emails with customized feedback and support between calls
  • Access to The Wild Women Collective Facebook community
  • Lifetime discount rate on single coaching sessions, for those inevitable booster shots you need once your program is complete ($150 value, you pay $99)
  • BONUS - The Desire Map book + workbook, and The Fire Starter Sessions book mailed to your home ($60 value)
  • BONUS - FREE enrollment in Align: Your Desire Map, my online group coaching program ($222 value)
  • BONUS - FREE enrollment in my all new Fire Starter Sessions online coaching program (still being perfected...coming soon!)
  • BONUS - 15% discount on any program or e-course I currently offer or will create in the future 

Looking for a Quickie?

Maybe it's not the right time for you to commit to a coaching program. No problem. Schedule a 30- or 60-minute sessions a'la carte.