Red Tents are a community-building tradition dating back to Biblical times, found across the Middle East, Israel, and North Africa. On every month's new moon, maidens, mothers, and crones gathered in the red tent to spend time nurturing, giving, and receiving. Once women experience their first menstrual cycle they're welcomed into the community's red tent. The focus is well beyond menstrual cycles, however. Women who are in and past menopause are especially revered for their wisdom.

Red Tents are the sacred space where women can stop doing ... and just be.

Being, not doing, is the highest expression of the divine feminine. When women stop doing doing doing...we start feeling. Rather than the numbing habits we reach for in our busy modern lives, in the red tent we allow + express + witness those feelings. We remember the liberating power of sisterhood. In setting aside this time to gather each month, we realign our lives with the natural rhythms of the earth's seasons, the moon's cycles, and the wisdom of our own bodies. 

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Live monthly call on each new moon (or within two days before / after)

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