When women are lit up and turned on, we're unstoppable.

We are creation in her purest form.

We are magic. 

We all know the grinding demands of modern life don't support our authentic selves. That's why you're here now. That's why we created The Wild Radiance Retreat. We understand, from deeply personal experience, how quickly we forget just how unstoppable we are.

The Wild Radiance Retreat will (re)ignite the spark of your intuition and the power of your instinct. It will guide you to reclaim your true wildness. Imagine a restorative, rejuvenating space to gather with other women and experience deep transformation. How good will it feel to finally let go? To finally remember. To finally allow. 

We're bringing women together who are ready to make magic. We're gathering goddesses who are ready to practice giving and receiving in a sisterhood. We're looking for women who are ready to live their brightest life without apology. We know this is you and so of course you're invited.

In fact, we believe you're reading this right now for a reason. Your soul knows it's time to come home to your wild self. It's time to discover your true radiance.

We love you, babe. We can't wait to make magic with you. 

Gail Jessen of Moon Child, Stay Wild
Angie Andrews of Angie Andrews Inspire

Magic we're brewing (so far...)

Opening + Closing Circles:  Each day is bookmarked with sacred space and ceremony.

Meditation Practices:  Guided, silent, chanting, all of the above. 

Yoga For Every Body:  Think breath work, gentle yin poses, and orgasmic kundalini rising (yeow!).

Healing Sound Baths:  Lay back. Relax. Transport. Restore. 

Tarot For Beginners:  Forget Hollywood stereotypes, tarot is a powerful tool you can use to access your intuition. 

Crystal Grids:  Ramp up your shiny crystal collection with a dose of sacred geometry.

Chakra Goddesses:  Understand the rhythm of your energy and learn how to embody the goddesses governing each chakra. 

Rest:  Yes, even with all this goodness on the agenda, you will rest and enjoy the beautiful property in any way you choose to. 

Nourishing Food:  All allergies and preferences are accommodated. For real, we're those people too. We got you. Also, we have a lot of chocolate. 

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Retreat Dates + Times

17 - 19 November 2017

The lodge is open to you Friday at midday. We gather for dinner and opening circle that evening. Closing circle will be Sunday midmorning after breakfast. 


We'll gather at the Amee Farm Lodge in the idyllic New England village of Pittsfield, Vermont. You have access to both the lodge and the peaceful grounds. 

Visit the Amee Farm Lodge website

Your Investment

Your price depends on the type of room + bathroom arrangement you prefer. We've designed three options to suit every budget. 

$1,111:  Private room + en suite bathroom
$888:  Private room + shared bathroom
$555:  Shared room (one king bed) + en suite bathroom


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Never fear the switcheroo, everything is under control.